Hervé Le Coroller

Astronomer (equivalent professor)

Country of origin: France - Gender: Male
Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille
38, rue Frédéric Joliot-Curie 13388 Marseille cedex 13
+33(0)495044127 +33(0)492706494
herve.lecoroller@lam.fr - My web site - linkedin
  • Fifteen years of research and teaching experience in astronomy and optics
  • Skills: High-contrast imaging, Exoplanets, Interferometry
  • One year experience at Keck observatory, in Hawaii, USA
  • One scientific prize, and several awards for creative activities
  • PI and co-PI of several research projects


Astronomer at Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille

2016 - 2018

  • Authorization to direct scientific research (HDR graduated in April 2016) in High contrast imaging and interferometry
  • CO-I LAM of the SPHERE project
  • Work on a new algorithm K-Stacker, to hack the orbital parameters of planets hidden in the speckle residuals of high contrasts imaging and detect them (expected gain of 5-10 in contrast)
  • Responsable at LAM / CeSAM of DIVA+ an international data base of exo-planets in high contrast imaging (Tâche de service)
  • Support-Astronomer (Tâche de servie) for the SOPHIE spectrograph installed at the focus of the 1.93-m OHP telescope

"Astronome-Adjoint" at Haute-Provence Observatory

2006 - 2016

  • Permanent position at Aix-Marseille university, involved in both teaching and research
  • Principal Investigator of a project of a new type of giant telescope called Carlina
  • Member of the scientific council of the Haute-Provence Observatory (2006-2010)
  • Member of the Eii Working Group on "The Future of Interferometry in Europe" (FIE)
  • Head of Studies at the Haute-Provence Observatory (more than 700 students come each year from all over europe to OHP in order to follow lessons, and do practical work with telescopes)
  • Organized an international colloquium on the futur of the interferometry:
    Improving the Performances of Current Optical Interferometers & Future Designs, September 23th, 2013
    The Planet Formation Imager international project is born during this conference

Post-doctorate position at Keck observatory (Hawaii, USA)


  • Observed supergiant stars with the IOTA (Arizona) interferometer (first images of Mira stars)

Post-doctorate position at College de France


  • Worked on a prototype of interferometer (Hypertelescope), by proposing the use of a helium balloon to carry the focal optics of this "telescope"

My list of publications

Prizes and awards

Awarded by the French Academy of Sciences


Awarded by the French Agency for Innovation ANVAR, currently named OSEO


  • Created an air shooting project using aerial "drones", helium balloon and patented gyrostabilized system
  • Provided aerial photos for two documentaries about astronomy broadcast on Arte, Pioneer TV and other European channels
  • Trained for one year in project management, marketing, at the the H. E. C. Management Institute

Awarded by the Paris city council


Teaching experience

Supervision of internships and PhD students

2005 - 2018

  • I managed more than 10 students of L3 - M2 level (coming from ENS, Polytechnique, SUPAERO, etc.)
  • I have been co-director of two Phd students. Both students have published on the topic I proposed (new coronagraphy technic using an hologram; and new high-contrast imaging reduction method), in the A&A referee review.

Creation of several practical works

2010 - 2018

  • On the Foucault knife-edge method in order to control the shape of a mirror
  • In interferometry (measure of the apparent diameter of the solar system planets)
  • CCD caracterisations (measure of the bias, flat, dark current, thermal noise, readout noise, etc.) and image reduction (Labex FOCUS)


PhD at Provence University, Aix-Marseille I

1999 - 2002

Title : Effect of the Thermal Conductivity on the Radiative Shock waves

Astrophysical Postgraduate Certificate at Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble I

1997 - 1998

Geophysical Postgraduate Certificate at Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble I


Physics degree and Master at Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble I